PSJ PHYSIOTHERAPY LTD with Physiotherapy and Sports Injury clinics at Northampton,Wellingborough, Kettering.
PSJ PHYSIOTHERAPY LTD  with Physiotherapy andSports Injury clinics at Northampton,Wellingborough, Kettering.


 Physiotherapy is a type of therapy that can help ill, injured or disabled people recover movement andfunction to their full potential.

Physiotherapy takes a holistic approach, involving the patient in their own care.


Physiotherapists are trained healthcare professionals. They work in specialist areas including:

  • intensive care 
  • mental health
  • neurology (including stroke)
  • long-term conditions
  • men's and women's health (including incontinence)
  • recovery after major surgery
  • orthopaedics and trauma
  • sports
  • workplace health
  • paediatrics (children)
  • care of the elderly
  • education and health promotion

Physiotherapists help treat physical problems linked to a number of the body's systems including:

  • musculoskeletal - bones, joints and soft tissues
  • neuromuscular - the brain and nervous system
  • cardiovascular - heart and blood circulation
  • respiratory - the organs that help you breathe, such as the windpipe (trachea), larynx (voicebox) and lungs

What do physiotherapists do?

Examples of approaches used in physiotherapy include:

  • movement and exercise - taking into account a person’s current level of health and their specific requirements
  • manual therapy techniques - where the physiotherapist aids recovery by using their hands to relieve muscle pain and stiffness and encourage blood flow to an injured part of the body
  • aquatic therapy - a form of physiotherapy carried out in water
  • other techniques - such as heat, cold and acupuncture to ease pain


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