PSJ PHYSIOTHERAPY LTD with Physiotherapy and Sports Injury clinics at Northampton,Wellingborough, Kettering.
PSJ PHYSIOTHERAPY LTD  with Physiotherapy andSports Injury clinics at Northampton,Wellingborough, Kettering.

Welcome to PSJ Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Centre

 One of the finest manual therapy and sports rehabilitation clinics in Northamptonshire.

As orthopaedic manual physiotherapists, we design a personal plan for each client. We fully discuss all aspects of their situation, the nature of the injury, treatment, prognosis, and how to avoid reoccurence. We communicate with clients' doctors and the health-care providers, to ensure the best total care is given.

As established clinicians, we have the highest academic qualifications in manual therapy and are current with advances in our field. We are well respected by medical doctors and peers.

We have a good track record of success, helping our patients recover quickly. Our client list includes professional and elite athletes, dancers, musicians, and other professionals.

The relaxed atmosphere of our clinic provides an ideal environment which helps to recover from injury.

We have clinics at different locations mentioned below

Wellingbourough PSJ Physiotherapy Clinic

Kettering PSJ Physiotherapy Clinic

Northamptorn PSJ Physiotherapy Clinic


2A Park Avenue South,

Northampton, NN3 3AA


86 Midland Road, Wellingborough, NN8 1NB


36 Duke Street, Kettering, NN16 9DY



Call our on our main line 03302211045 to book an appointment at any of our practices.


Contact us on:


01933 426188





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